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Brandon & Gullo Lawyers > Articles > 6 Top Tips for Wet Roads and Car Accidents

Other than the obvious difficulty of wet, slippery roads, the weather impacts on our roads through reduced visibility, high winds and traffic delays. Wet road significantly increases the risk of an accident, and it is important for drivers to take extra caution to avoid accidents.

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Always remember the following steps:

At the accident scene:

1. Remain at the scene & call the police & ambulance immediately if you or anyone else is injured. Medical attention is of paramount importance.

2. Do not admit fault.

3. Write down the registration numbers of all vehicles involved, together with names and addresses of people involved in the accident.

4. Take photos of the cars involved, showing the number plates and damage to the vehicles.

After the accident:

1. Contact Brandon & Gullo Lawyers as soon as possible to discuss your legal rights and obligations as strict time limits do apply.

2. Seek medical attention if required.

Stay safe on the roads everyone!

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