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Motor Vehicle Accident Compensation in Queensland – Why you need a lawyer

Are Personal Injury Lawyers worth it? The answer is yes!

In Queensland, we are fortunate to have a fantastic CTP insurance scheme. We’re all covered and should use it when we have an accident on the road. While you can process a claim on your own, there is a definite advantage of using a lawyer to help manage the process. Here are five reasons why clients contact us after being in an accident.


1. Receive the medical treatment you need at no cost to you.

Get financial cover for medical treatment(s) you need to treat any injury you suffered due to the accident. This could be a physio, chiro, psychology, pain management, acupuncture, rehab or surgery, to name a few.

2. Provisions for future medical expenses related to your accident

As a result of your claim, you will receive compensation to cover ongoing treatment. This ensures that should the injury need future care, this is not out of your pocket.

3. Statistically higher rates of compensation than if you represented yourself.

Motor Accident Insurance Commission studies show an average of a nearly 600% increase in claim settlement amount when using a lawyer. This is primarily due to lawyers’ experience in understanding the claims process, providing stronger negotiations and facilitating treatment.

4. Someone to talk to the insurers, so you don’t have to!

We deal with all the details so that you can get on with your day-to-day. A claim is not a straightforward process and can take up much of your time if you attempt it on your own. A lawyer will keep a paper trail of all your appointments, schedules, meetings and progress, all to assist with getting the claim you are entitled to.

5. Peace of mind

Know that your well-being is our priority and that we are with you every step of the way. The claim process is a journey, and balancing the everyday stress of life is a juggling etc. You can focus on your life and recovery knowing everything is being taken care of.


A motor vehicle accident can be traumatic for anyone. Luckily, that’s why we’re here to help. Contact us today if you, a family member or a friend have been involved in an incident on the road.

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