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Did you know you might be speaking French on a daily basis? No, we aren’t referring to the naughty words exclaimed when you kick your toe.

The word ‘mortgage’ in French translates to ‘death pledge’ – and we’re sure many homeowners agree!

The big mistake

Sellers often forget to release their mortgages on their current home. They make the mistake of assuming their conveyancer can release it for them unilaterally.

This seemingly small mistake can have big consequences including unnecessary delays and additional legal fees.

 You can beat the death pledge!

The key is to legally authorise your conveyancer to release your mortgage on your behalf.

Just follow these 3 easy steps:
1. Visit your bank and ask for a ‘release of mortgage form’ (also known as a discharge form) for your property.

2. Add your conveyancer’s details to the form. This legally allows your conveyancer to handle the process for you.

3. Sign off on the form and provide it to your bank.
Move towards your financial goals sooner – handle your mortgage release efficiently and avoid unnecessary legal fees and delays.

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