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Brandon & Gullo Lawyers is thrilled to have been nominated and selected as a finalist for the QLS Workplace Culture and Health Award.

From the beginning, firm founder’s Ashley and Karen, have sort to ensure their workplace culture is one where staff feel valued and supported in both their personal and professional lives – a rare thing to find within the legal profession.

Over recent years, positive organisational psychology has demonstrated that “not only is a cut-throat environment harmful to productivity over time, but that a positive environment will lead to dramatic benefits for employers, employees, and the bottom line.” (Harvard Business Review).

If you are a business owner or in any management or leadership position, here are nine things from Ashely and Karen you can do to help improve the culture at your workplace or within your team.

9 ways to create a positive work environment for your staff

1. Empower staff to make decisions

Rather than micro-managing staff, give them appropriate degrees of autonomy reflective of their experience, training and capacity – this will, in turn, see them grow as professionals and increase their ability to grow your business or organisation.

2. Invest in development

We always tell our staff that while employed at Brandon and Gullo Lawyers, we want them to become better practitioners and people from when they started. This will only occur; however, if leaders are intentional about investing in opportunities for professional and personal training and development.

3. Treat staff how you would like to be treated

Part of the reason for the Workplace Culture and Health acknowledgement comes from putting this statement into practice every day. For example, we place a high value on our family; therefore, we place a high value on the families of our staff. This allows them to implement a work/life balance genuinely.

4. Put your people before profit

By sincerely caring for your staff or team and their well-being, it will teach them how to care for your clients. We have found that profit always comes when we genuinely care for our people and clients.

5. Back your staff

Ensure your staff always know you are in their corner (even if they make a mistake). This creates a greater sense of trust, builds loyalty and overall will impact your workplace culture for the better.

6. Make laughter and fun a daily priority

Happy employees are successful employees, have greater self-confidence, which inspires higher performance and reduces stress.

7. Build genuine relationships with your staff

We spend time each day with every staff member just talking about life, their goals, hopes, dreams and latest TV shows – even if it is MAFS (that’s the excuse Ash gives Karen when she asks him why he is watching it)!

8. Reward what you want to reproduce

There is a body of psychological research that suggests people are more likely to learn and grow when a greater emphasis is placed on rewarding positive behaviours instead of reprimanding negative behaviours.

9. Celebrate the wins

When the crowd celebrates their team scoring points, it builds excitement in the atmosphere and momentum for the team. Celebrating the wins of your staff builds excitement in the workplace and momentum for your day to day business.

Thanks to the Queensland Law Society for this recognition and congratulations to all the other nominations for 2020.

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