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barking up the wrong tree

Would you take legal advice from a “lawyer” offering his/her services through a Gumtree ad?

The situation seems laughable, but a recent case dealt with an uncertified lay-advocate who had offering advice and services on Gumtree under the guise he was a certified legal practitioner.

The Western Australian Supreme Court decision in Van Der Feltz v Legal Practice Board (2017) resulted in the arm-chair expert being slapped with a $20,000 fine!

The court sent a clear warning to others undertaking similar activities, stating legal work can only be undertaken by a lawyer acting pursuant to the relevant Legal Profession Act in their state.

The Queensland Law Society has warned of a growing number of uncertified people offering cheap or even free legal advice and assistance online.

The QLS advised that engaging an unqualified person poses a number of risks, and may even end up increasing your costs! Such risks include:

  • Your right to confidentiality is not guaranteed
  • Your right to privilege cannot be assured
  • Unqualified practitioners cannot obtain insurance, while qualified solicitors are required to
  • And, non-certified practitioners are not bound by any codes of conduct or ethics

In Queensland a solicitor is required to hold a practising certificate to be legally allowed to give advice.

You can check that your legal representative is certified by contacting the Queensland Law Society or accessing the QLS website.

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