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If you have sustained an injury at work or in the course of your employment, we can assist you with making a claim for Workers’ Compensation, covering treatment, expenses and lost wages now and into the future.

At Brandon and Gullo Lawyers, we have extensive experience in workplace injury law. We take a client-first approach to our workplace injury matters to ensure that we can help you navigate your recovery, your claim and your future. Our no-win no-fee policy gives you confidence knowing you only have to pay legal fees if we win your claim.

If you are considering making a claim, please note there are strict time limits surrounding personal injury claims. We are here to assist you & can provide you with all the information you need to know at first consultation with us.

What you need to bring:

What to bring to our first meeting:

  1. The details you collected surrounding the accident (such as the names of parties involved, employment details, photos and the time and date of the accident.
  2. Names of any doctor/s, hospital/s or treatment provider/s who have assisted you medically since the accident.
  3. Details of your injuries.

Some useful tips:

Things to do after you are injured at work:

  1. Report your injury to someone at work, such as your supervisor or manager.
  2. Establish if there are any witnesses to your injury.
  3. See a registered practitioner (you will need to obtain a Workers’ Compensation Medical Certificate)
  4. Contact Brandon & Gullo Lawyers as soon as possible to discuss your legal rights and obligations as strict time limits apply.

Your first step with us is free