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interstate road rules

With holidays approaching and many of us travelling interstate, here is a quick reminder of some road rules that might vary as each State and Territory is responsible for its own road legislation.


Alcohol in the Car

In Queensland, Tasmania, WA, and the ACT, the driver and passengers must not open or consume alcohol while driving In NSW, Victoria & SA other passengers can open and consume alcohol in NSW.


Sleeping in Vehicle

In NSW and the ACT, a person can sleep or live in a car if parking is permitted where the vehicle is situated. WA, SA and Tasmania & Victoria allow a person to sleep or live in a car; however, restrictions apply to certain areas, such as beaches and reserves.

Queensland has the most rigid laws in the nation on this front, with the ability to do so completely banned unless the vehicle is at a designated camping-ground.



Victoria is the only jurisdiction in Australia where motorists can make a U-turn at all intersections & Traffic lights – unless there is a ‘no U-turn’ sign.

For drivers in WA, Tasmania and the Territories, making a U-turn is allowed at all intersections, but not at traffic lights, or if a ‘no U-turn’ sign.

In NSW, Queensland and SA a U-turn is not permitted at traffic lights unless signed otherwise.


Safe Gap

In Victoria, NSW, WA and Tasmania, drivers must keep a ‘two-second gap’ between the car in front, with every other state and territory requiring a larger ‘three-second gap’.


Don’t get stung these holidays! Knowing these few differences could save you getting hit with a fine as well as stay safe on the road.



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