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The Claim Process

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Overview of the Queensland CTP claims process

At Brandon & Gullo, we understand that many people who have been injured in a motor vehicle accident or the workplace may feel powerless and overwhelmed by the legal system. That's why we're committed to providing a personalised and compassionate approach to Personal Injury Law. Our team is dedicated to prioritising your well-being throughout the entire process.

The steps that we take depend on the type of claim you have and the legislation that applies to your claim, however there are a number of steps that generally apply to CTP compensation claims in Queensland. We want to ensure you are well supported, so in addition to your lawyers you will also have our support staff assisting your case in:

Step 1

Complete and Submit a Claim Form

Once we have met with you and taken your instructions about the circumstances of the accident, your injuries and losses, we will lodge a Claim Form with the relevant CTP Insurer. The Insurer will have up to 14 days to respond to us confirming they have received your claim and confirm the rehabilitation they will fund (ordinarily as recommended by your doctor).

Step 3

Evidence Gathering

Once we receive a response from the CTP Insurer, they have six months to investigate liability and provide us with a liability response. During this time we will begin to gather evidence to support your claim (this may include details of your loss of income, treatment and care needs, and out of pocket expenses).

Step 4

Medico-Legal Examinations

Once your injuries have stabilised, medico-legal examinations will be arranged to assess the nature and extent of your injuries and their ongoing impact on your life and employment. We select seasoned specialists to review you and write a report which will address your injuries and their impact on your life and work. This evidence will underpin your claim.

Step 5

Attend a Settlement Conference

A Compulsory Conference is the final step in the pre-court process. The Insurer will attend this settlement conference and we will advocate for you by presenting and negotiating your case. The parties by law are required to exchange settlement offers and genuinely attempt to resolve your claim. The vast majority of claims settle by negotiation outside of Court. If your case settles at a negotiation conference, you will receive your compensation shortly thereafter. If your matter does not resolve at a conference, we will advise you of your next steps in the claims process.

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