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Stay safe on the road this Christmas

Christmas and roads bring to mind thoughts of traffic jams, chaos and the repeated cry from the back seat, “are we there yet?”. This year we want all our clients to stay safe. Here’s just four easy things which can help reduce some of the risk associated with driving on the road.

  1. Before you travel:
    Check your vehicle including tyre tread and pressure, lights, brakes, engine oil, coolant and power steering fluid. Also, when packing your vehicle, make sure everything is securely packed. Even small objects can become dangerous missiles in the event of a sudden stop or crash.
  2. Watch out for fatigue
    Long trips are tiring and fatigue can be deadly behind the wheel. Plan to get enough rest beforehand and during the trip so that you drive fresh. A large percentage of fatal traffic accidents are single vehicle crashes where fatigue is a contributing factor. Stay alert and watchful.
  3. Check your trailers and caravans  
    Check all towing attachments and make sure the couplings are compatible. Also remember to check the safety chain, trailer lights, tyres, nuts and brakes.
  4. Remember you’re sharing the road
    The volume of traffic increases during the holidays and you’ll be sharing the road with other cars, as well as pedestrians, cyclists, trucks, buses, campervans and vehicles towing boats or caravans. Always keep a safe following distance between yourself and the vehicle in front.

We hope you stay safe this Christmas, but if something unfortunate does happen on the road, here’s some things you should know.

  1. Remain at the scene and call the police and ambulance if medical attention is needed.
  2. Do not admit fault (until you seek legal advice).
  3. Write down registration numbers of all vehicles involved, together with names and addresses of all people involved.
  4. Take photos of the cars involved, showing number plates and damage to the vehicles and licences of other drivers.

If something does happen to you on the road resulting in an injury or loss, contact us to discuss your rights under the Queensland CTP system. This system is in place to ensure if you are in an accident and injured, you can receive the help you are entitled to, to ensure you get back on your feet and receive the medical care and compensation you need.

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