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According to the latest census, tradesmen and tradeswomen make up around 30% of Australia’s workforce and day after day, carry out a range of physical labour. Using heavy or dangerous equipment, working at heights, or working next to a busy road, are all common risks associated with construction site employment.

If you’ve been injured working on the jobsite, you must consider your rights when getting the compensation you may be entitled to.


Jobsite injury examples

With the variety of work done in trade, multiple injuries can occur on the job site. 

Workers that engage in heavy physical labour are more susceptible to serious medical conditions such as nerve damage and muscle and/or ligament strains. Due to the possibility of inappropriate tool use and hand-arm vibration syndrome, workers who handle power tools are also at risk of developing these conditions.

Due to the risks posed by moving materials, various heights, noise, toxic dust, and electricity, workers who are not directly involved with building, such as managers, are also at risk of being injured on job sites.

Common jobsite injuries – statistics

When it comes to injuries in the construction industry, Safe Work Australia has found that the three most common injuries sustained are:

  • Cuts and open wounds (31%)
  • Sprains and strains (21%) 
  • Chronic joint or muscle condition (16%)

The leading cause of these construction injuries are:

  • Hitting or being hit by something (31%)
  • Lifting, pushing or pulling objects (30%)
  • Falls from a height (15%)

Construction worker injured – what are my rights?

If you have an injury while working in the construction industry, you are entitled to workers compensation benefits during your recovery. No matter their job position, this entitlement applies to all trade workers. Construction employers are required, by law, to maintain WorkCover insurance in the event that an employee sustains an injury at work.

If your workers compensation claim is successful, you may be able to claim:

Your situation will determine the amount you receive. Contact us at Brandon and Gullo today to learn more about your individual claims and legal alternatives for future compensation. 


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