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I love a good travel blog. They are often filled with so much great advice and information on what to do at your desired destination.

However, what many of these travel blogs fail to give you is the list of ‘what not to forget’ in case something goes wrong! Here’s a list of some things that may save you some trouble or expensive legal bills, should the unexpected occur.


  1. Purchase Travel Insurance – When abroad, medical bills can stretch into the hundred’s of thousands of dollars and in comparison to the cost of travel insurance is really cheap and only takes a few minutes to purchase online.
  1. Write or Update Your Will. It’s never a pleasant thing to think about death, but death is an inevitable part of life. Unfortunately many people fail to prepare a will or make their wishes clear in the instance of their death. This can cause so much additional pain and cost for family members if your wishes aren’t clear as it opens the door for the Government or the law to intervene into your family affairs.
  1. Nominate a Power of Attorney (if you’re in the middle of a major life decision!) I have seen people travel overseas who are in the middle of something major such as buying a house. Yes, sometimes travel is inevitable or things happen without warning, but if this does happen, make sure you nominate a ‘power of attorney’ so that in the instance a signature or on person decision is needed, someone you trust can act on your behalf.
  1. Have a Paper or Electronic Copy of Your Passport Accessible. This is just common sense! You will be so glad you did if you ever find yourself in a bind abroad.
  1. Have Multiple Sources of Income in Different Places. Cards can be scammed, you can get robbed and banks can sometimes cancel your accounts if they think something dodgy is going on (even if it isn’t). Having various forms or sources of income (ie different banks, cards, cash) can prove very valuable when unforeseen things happen.
  1. Let Your Bank and the Australian Government Know Where You Are. Your banks are going to be less likely to cancel your cards if you’ve let them know you are overseas. In addition, the Australian Government site lets you register your itinerary in case of an international emergency they can account for Australians.
  1. Leave Your Whole Itinerary With at Least one Other Person. Let someone know where you are at all times in case something happens or someone needs to contact you.

Stay safe as you travel this holiday season.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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