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Booking a holiday soon? Airbnb can be a great option whether booking an entire home or just a room, but there is always a chance your booking could get cancelled; in fact, it is the TOP complaint on their website.

Frustrating and inconvenient as it might be, you have two options:

1. Transfer your payment to a NEW Airbnb booking

If you select a new Airbnb booking, the full amount you originally paid will be available to use on a new booking along with any eligible credit*. If your new reservation costs less than your original booking, you will be refunded the difference.

If your new reservation costs MORE, Airbnb says online “If you choose to rebook and the new place you book costs more, we may help by covering a portion of the difference.”

*The amount of credit you receive for a cancelled booking varies and it will only be available for use on another Airbnb booking. That amount cannot be refunded.

2. Get a full refund

If your host cancels your booking and you need to book accomodation elsewhere, you are entitled to a full refund. The option for a full refund is available in the ‘My Trips’ section of the site. Find your cancelled reservation and request a refund.

A few more things…

DO NOT cancel the booking, even if the host asks you to do so. In order to receive the refund or credit, the host must cancel the booking.

If they are not communicating with you, Airbnb support is available to help and will do so promptly. If you have a concern, it’s best to communicate with Airbnb.

Hosts get penalised for cancelling a booking and will not be allowed to rebook for those dates if they cancel on their end. They receive a payout deduction, an automatic review added to their listing to indicate that they cancelled the booking and potential account deactivation.

You will only be entitled to a full refund and/or credit if the HOST cancels.

Airbnb monitors their community and if a host is consistently cancelling bookings at the last minute, they could become suspended from the site and it will help prevent other people from experiencing the same inconvenience you did. It helps keep them honest.

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